Dance Linguistics

Following the tradition of Dance your Ph.D., ABRALIN is offering you the opportunity to show people during the event a video of your paper interpreted in dance form.

How to enter

  1. Turn your paper into a dance;
  2. Record it and post the video on YouTube;
  3. Send us the link by 15 February 2019 at 11:59 PM

The rules

  1. You must submit register in the event and submit the paper as anyone else in order to enter;
  2. You must be part of the dance;
  3. Your paper needs to be accepted for presentation in order for your video to be considered.

The prizes

  1. If your videos is chosen as the winner, it will be feature in a special moment in the event.
  2. You’ll have a cash prize of R$ 1000 and a selection of books from our partner publishing companies.

Did you know that the winner of the last International Dance Your Ph.D. award was a Brazilian chemist? Watch the winning video below. Exercise your creativity, dance your work and collaborate with the popularization of the Linguistics!