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Why is it important to be an ABRALIN’s associate?

  • Because it strengthens meetings, publications and discussions on diverse Linguistics themes and subjects through the engagement of students, teachers and researchers committed to Linguistics progress as a science and profession in Brazil.

  • To support actions that may influence public policies, including those relevant to the professional practice in this field.

  • To join in the main Linguistics events in Brazil: the International Congress and the ABRALIN Institute, which aim to promote, publish and discuss Brazilian linguistics research with international partners.

  • To support live events, such as “ABRALIN em Cena” [ABRALIN on Stage], an event to promote interchange among researchers from several emerging regions of Brazil and the “Escola de Verão da ABRALIN” [ABRALIN Summer School], an event that aims to present and discuss recent theoretical and methodological trends within a democratic space of formation and knowledge updating.

  • To support the popularization of Linguistics through actions in digital communication media.

  • To compete in notices for academic research funding with the Association’s own resources.

Other benefits
  • Discount in the events of the Association;
  • Draws of technical books on Linguistics;
  • Discounts when buying Linguistics books in associated publishers;
  • Publication of your scientific papers on ABRALIN’s forum;
  • Be appointed for giving interviews, answering requests from communication media from all over Brazil.

Be part of Abralin.