The coronavirus pandemic triggered an unprecedented threat to Brazilian Indigenous Peoples. The current actions to protect these populations which are at great risk are insufficient, disjointed and arrive late; basic emergency assistance is very precarious.

New cases are reported daily. Several indigenous people have been contaminated and many have died, some among the last speakers of their languages. Indigenous elders, guardians of thousands of years of ancestral knowledge, are dying with COVID symptoms.

Emergency measures are in order to support these frail populations. There is famine, disease and death in their villages.

There is no time to lose. Without immediate funding and key lifesaving interventions to deliver essentials, strengthen health systems and maintain routine services for indigenous peoples in Brazil, several of them will die due to direct and indirect impact of COVID-19.

Listen to Noam Chomsky’s plea


The Brazilian Linguistics Association – Abralin is working with indigenous organizations to provide humanitarian aid to indigenous communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Your donation to this fund will help communities on the front lines of the crisis with resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable immediately.

All funds raised for Abralin’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund for Brazilian Indigenous Peoples go directly to support Native organizations on the front lines of COVID-19.

Please donate to the Abralin’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund for Brazilian Indigenous People here.