The pandemic had consequences for everyday life, establishing a new normal. In times of social distance, Abralin brought linguists from around the world together with Abralin ao Vivo.

And in the continuity of the new normal, the XII International Congress of Abralin, Interab12, will be completely online.

With the theme “Linguistics Challenges in Open Science”, we invite the community to submit proposals for the construction of the event’s program: There will be space for round tables, communication presentations from each thematic area of ​​Abralin, and presentations of digital posters (in video format). On the occasion of Interab12, Abralin awards will be given, in the most diverse categories.

Important dates:
May 20: Deadline for submitting proposals for round tables
June 20: Deadline for submission of complete papers (communication)
July 18: Deadline for submission of digital poster
July 18: Results of the pre-selected full papers
July 20: Deadline for submission to CadLin
September 1: Publication of the complete program
September 22-30: Event

Abralin has been a pioneer in joining the Open Science movement, with open access to its publications, as well as the open evaluation process in its journals, both in the Revista da Abralin and in Cadernos de Linguística, which encourage the sharing of data sets in open repositories, as well as the pre-registration of projects. But joining the movement leads us to reflect on the consequences of these actions in our practices: ethical and copyright issues, challenges to replicability in the area, originality, and innovation, as well as costs (publication, availability of access and data, financing research). The problems faced in the area of ​​Linguistics extend to other areas of the humanities, and are not limited to Brazilian researchers: by proposing to discuss the “Challenges of Linguistics in Open Science”, Abralin puts Brazilian Linguistics at the forefront and in a leading position in the science.