Elections Results

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 11/10/2021

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2021 election to the Association’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board. The (...)

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Metascience 2021

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 23/08/2021

Abralin is pleased to partner with the Metascience 2021 Conference, and warmly invites you to join us this year for the virtual (...)

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Obituary: Pieter Muysken

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 09/04/2021

On the evening of Tuesday, April 6, Prof. Dr. Pieter Muysken passed away after a short and cruel battle with an incurable and very (...)

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Obituary: Alfredo Bosi

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 07/04/2021

The Brazilian Linguistics Association regrets reporting the death of Prof. Alfredo Bosi, another victim of Covid-19. Alfredo Bosi (...)

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Obituary: Lineide Mosca

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 05/04/2021

Lineide do Lago Salvador Mosca (1941-2021) is not only one of the most respected Brazilian scholars in the studies of rhetoric and (...)

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Donations from the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 23/12/2020

Abralin launched the “Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund For Brazilian Indigenous Peoples” campaign in August 2020. The amount (...)

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Abralin Elearning

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 20/12/2020

We have just launched the Elearning platform of the Brazilian Linguistics Association: Abralin EAD. Abralin's e-learning platform is (...)

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Obtuary: Adair Palácio

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 06/12/2020

We regret to announce the death of Prof. Adair Palácio (1931-2020). Adair Palácio was the first woman in Brazil to defend a Ph.D. (...)

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Por ABRALIN Publicada em 20/11/2020

Check out the final program of the first international linguistics conference on Twitter, Linguistweets, organized by Abralin. We (...)

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Call For Paper: Viva Língua Viva 2019

Por ABRALIN Publicada em 20/12/2019

Call for papers to be published in the issue “Endangered languages: experiences of revitalizing indigenous languages in Brazil and (...)

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