2-9 May 2019, Maceió, Br


Linguistics Today: Debates, Challenges and Propositions

The main objective of ABRALIN50 is to address fundamental issues for Linguistics today, instigating debates that facilitate courses of actions in the area in face of the transformations in the contemporary world. Moreover, the event also aims to promote propositional dialogues between Linguistics and other areas of knowledge.

Tom Roeper

The core of modern linguistics lies in grasping how grammatical rules are vehicles of human creativity, our capacity to imagine new worlds, and  individual dignity. I believe that modern generative grammar entails a humanitarian message which it is our obligation to bring to our daily interactions with others and to pedagogy.  A rich language curriculum should include not only the many fascinating aspects of the substance of language—its startling lexical diversity— but its implications for a view of a human nature where free will allows us to be the authors of our own destiny.  The core ideas of modern generative grammar should be a part of every person’s education from primary school onwards.

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